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The realization of In the Line of Sight was only possible through the support of the following individuals and institutions:

Rebecca Bryant
Assistant Professor of Visual; and Performing Arts, Dance Division, Purdue University
Dance performances for video database

Patrick Kalita
Application Support Engineer, MathWorks, Boston
Hardware design and communication protocol for flashlight controller

Harald F. Müller
Artist, Lake Constance, Germany
Development of color schemes for projection surfaces

Micah Bowers
Graduate student in Electronic and Time-Based Art, Art&Design Division, Purdue University
3D computer simulation of flashlight matrix

Irena Knezevic
Artist, Chicago
Hardware assembly and setup support, documentation of movie sequences for video database

Esteban Garcia
Artist, Lafayette
Hardware assembly support

In the Line of Sight received financial support through a Research Incentive Grant from Purdue University’s College of Liberal Arts and a Research Incentive Grant from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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