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Monthly Archive September, 2008

early model of flashlight arrangement

September 25, 2008

Below are some pictures of an early model visualizing a possible arrangement of the flashlights. Side view: and top view (we aimed to arrange the flashlights in a way magnetic field lines behave):

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description of video content for the flashlight matrix

Recent developments in computer-aided surveillance technology suggest artificial intelligence algorithms that are based less on the comparison of facial features than the analysis of  movement patterns. For example, the department of electrical and computer engineering of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering has developed a surveillance system that analyses human gait […]

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visual reference: Relâche

This picture shows Francis Picabia’s landmark stage set-design for Relâche (1924), an avant-garde ballet created by the painter and his composer friend, Erik Satie. The idea of putting lights on the stage challenged traditional theatre lighting in which performers on stage are lit and the audience disappears in the dark. In a Dada gesture Picabia […]

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visual reference: Electric Rose

September 23, 2008

Otto Piene’s Electric Rose (see: http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/electric-rose/) is yet another example for a possible alignment of the 100 flashlights

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flashlight mounting possibility

The above image shows an inexpensive yet flexible solution for mounting the 100 flashlights. Using security camera mounting hardware, the flashlight can be directed in almost all directions. The set screw on the side of the mount locks a chosen orientation. There are only two problems to be solved: we need to find an easy […]

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RAF Stalinorgel

Photo of a Katyusha rocket launcher, built by the Red Army Fraction (RAF), the notorious German terrorist group from the 1970s. Here shown in the studio of the Karlsruhe artist Theo Sand – directed toward the the Office of the Federal Prosecutor  (Bundesanwaltschaft), August 1977. For more information see this article in the German newspaper […]

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flashlight to BNC connection

Flashlight to BNC connection: female BNC connector on the flashlight’s cap connects to 50ft. BNC cable

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